We have the background, software, and hardware to run any data analysis. Whether your data consists of  thousands of variables and millions of cases or much smaller sets, we can run the analysis you need.  We can convert your results into high-quality publication grade graphics. We will author, or help you author a report that tells the world what your results mean. 

We have the experience to help you refine or define the best methods to collect and analyze the data you need to answer your questions. The wrong questions, or the right questions asked the wrong way lead to meaningless results. Let us help you collect your data in the most meaningful and reportable way. 

We realize that not everyone has corporate budgets or large NSF grants. We are please to provided our services at reduced rates for some members of the educational and non-profit members of our community.

The Analyses We Can Do

Here is a PDF of the analyses we do on a routine basis. If you need something special, just ask.

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